Frequently Asked Questions

Are you from Tofino?

No, I am actually from North Vancouver B.C. and have recently moved back there. I moved to Tofino in 2015 as an 18 year old and it helped shaped me as the photographer I am today. I plan on splitting my time in the future between there and the mainland when I am not travelling or working.

Do you ship internationally

Yes, I just ask that you send me an email at liammacdonaldphoto@gmail.com, so we can figure out the best method of shipping, before purchase.

How did you start taking photos?

I started in 2011, mostly by taking photos of my friends snowboarding, skateboarding or mountain biking. Growing up in North Van, the mountains were my backyard and playground. After getting a couple random photos published I was hooked. When I got serious about it as a career, was in Tofino, after being introduced to the Canadian surf scene by Sepp Bruhwiler. 

How long before I receive my order?

Orders are processed as quickly as possible, however prints are not something that can be created overnight. Plenty of care goes into ensuring the best quality product is produced. Standard time is 4-6 weeks for normal prints. If you intend to give a print as a gift, it is best to order well in advance.

What is your favourite thing to shoot?

I love to shoot action sports, as I love working closely with athletes for a common goal of getting the best shots possible. Even better when we are travelling to a remote location to do so. While surfing is my favourite, I also enjoy shooting snowboarding and mountain biking. Above all I just love spending time outdoors and the experiences I have shooting these sports often presents opportunities to see some pretty spectacular things in nature.

For any further questions, please feel free to contact liammacdonaldphoto@gmail.com