The Photographer

About Liam  

Liam MacDonald is a Vancouver born, West-Coast photographer.

 Inspired by adventure and untouched nature, Liam has always felt drawn to the relationship between nature and mankind. This appetite for adventure is what motivated Liam to move to Tofino B.C. immediately after graduating high school. This is where he fell in love with photographing the outdoors and cold-water surf exploration.

 After breaking his way into the Canadian surf scene, he had the opportunity to travel and pursue waves on some of North America’s most remote and rugged coastline. In remote areas surrounded by nature, Liam feels the most himself, where his creative potential knows no bounds.

 Liam’s photography is adventure driven, emotionally engrained, and energized by nature. He strives to create photographs that immortalize moments in such a way that the viewer be easily connected to the vision of its creator and the subjects within it. For Liam, those subjects vary from hardworking athletes, to beautiful old growth trees and snow dusted alpine peaks.

 More recently, Liam has been spending his time on bikes and snowboards exploring the rest of mainland B.C. and beyond, continuing to capture authentic moments and extraordinary scenes.

 Don’t worry though - you can still count on him to be back on the coast when the swell starts pumping!



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